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20Nov 2019

Unusual transparency The iKonzern advertises thereby that the data protection occupies with him a greater value than with the competition. Therefore, Apple, although rather concealed in terms of its operating business, also appears unusually transparent on this topic. For example, four documents have just been released showing the privacy practices of the location technology, the […]

19Nov 2019

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday approved a data protection law which complies with European Union legal standards as it looks to bolster investment in its information technology sector. The East African nation has attracted foreign firms with innovations such as Safaricom’s M-Pesa mobile money services, but the lack of safeguards in handling personal data […]

16Nov 2019

PHOENIX—Employers doing business in the European Union (EU) or who have employees who are EU residents need to comply with the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect May 25. Employees will be requesting copies of their employee data, and these businesses need to be transparent and accountable, according to Grant Petersen, an attorney […]

15Nov 2019

When it comes to recruiting GDPR experts, big data plays a major role. Read on for more information on why it’s important. Twomajor trends in the big data landscape came to our attention that we wanted to address. We wanted to discuss data recruitment and what it means for the GDPR professionals out there. As you […]

14Nov 2019

Those who remember the old days without the global network can still recall the feeling of not being available all the time. However, Generation Z will never have that privilege as the Internet has been a part of their lives almost since the day they were born. The Power of the Internet of Things A […]

13Nov 2019

Geçen yıl, 2018’de, Avrupa Birliği’nin bir parçası olan devletler, Genel Veri Koruma Yönetmeliği’ni (GDPR0, vatandaşlarına ek veri güvenliği sağlamak için yürürlüğe koydu. GDPR’nin sonuçlarının battığı gibi, bunun sadece bir uyumluluk olmadığı açıktır. Egzersiz yapmak, ancak sektörün genelinde bir zihniyet değişikliği, bu, etkin veri güvenliğinin anahtarıdır. Online oyun endüstrisi hacker’lar, gerçekte ve kurgu için her zaman […]

18Jan 2019

Bitkom has published a report where it lays out recommendations for the European Commission’s Digital Single Market. The report covers the advancement of key technologies, such as artificial intelligence and high-performance computing and the governance of the digital economy, with focus on topics including cybersecurity, data flows and fintech. Bitkom also lays out its “key […]