Unusual transparency

The iKonzern advertises thereby that the data protection occupies with him a greater value than with the competition. Therefore, Apple, although rather concealed in terms of its operating business, also appears unusually transparent on this topic.

For example, four documents have just been released showing the privacy practices of the location technology, the photo app, the Safari browser and the new sign-in feature. This gives Apple deep insights into how its software secures its customers’ privacy.

Among other things, the Safari document describes how Apple makes it difficult for advertising and data companies to localize the devices of its customers with technical information such as the operating system – also called “fingerprinting”.

The document also explains location services as a new feature of the latest version of his iOSSoftware that informs users in the future when data is requested from an app in the background.

Facebook affected by iOS updates

Apple’s privacy policies also impact Facebook. So the social network pointed out in a blog post in mid-September that the planned iOS update from Apple should lead to the fact that iPhone owners who use the Facebook app have to reckon with it. In the future, they will pop up regularly. Receive notifications because location data is transmitted to Facebook.

Facebook is known for its data-gathering rage. Gathering location data may be helpful for many apps, such as Facebook features like check-ins, but app providers may abuse this option as well.

Tim Cook – an advocate of privacy

Apple even made privacy protection a core element of an advertising campaign, emphasizing that the iCo’s business model is to sell gadgets and not collect data. In contrast, Google, the maker of the Android operating system, would earn its money on advertising.

Tim Cook, who is even pushing for stronger government regulation on data protection, has already criticized Internet service providers for their handling of user data.

“Privacy is one of the most important issues of the 21st century,” the Apple CEO said in an interview with the station “Vice News” in 2018. His attitude made him clear: “I consider it a human right”.

Source : https://www.en24.news/news/2019/11/11/privacy-apple-shows-unusual-privacy-in-terms-of-data-protection-message.html